Stack OverflowCreating an activity tracker for the whole network.

The challenge

Track your impact and find new ways to contribute.

The gamification system on Stack Overflow and the network (140+ sites) is a complex system. We need to make it easier for users to find what to do next and set their own goals.


Increase user engagement in the questions and answers system.


The design has to work on 140 different Q&A sites (they all use different UI for the same elements).


Project lead, senior product designer, front-end developer (css and html only).

The dashboard

Quick overview of your activity.

With this design, we wanted to trigger an emotional response. Your impact should compell you to do more, and your progress motivates you to keep doing the hard work. Users should feel like they're helping real people and they're part of a community: each features should reflect the company core values.

img boxes outimg boxes out

User types

The design follows the user's journey.

Let's start with new users: we're trying to remove the complexity of our gamification system and give simple tasks to do. As a new user I don't want to think about what to do next, I want to avoid frustration.

on boardingon boarding
badges popupsbadges popups

We'll slowly give to the users more complicated tasks to accomplish as they gain more reputation. Just like a video game, a user doesn't want to get bored.


Put advanced users in control.

Power users shouldn't get bored and should be able to set more complicated goals. Seeing a big picture of the overall progress should also motivate this type of user: they want to be in control and do things regular users wouldn't want to do.