SociallymapA qualitative automation tool for social networks.

The challenge

Translate visually what's happening
behind the scenes.

The application allows you to create mappings, where you can connect any feed (social network, blog articles...) and automatically publish these on different platforms. Users also have the ability to tweak and moderate the feeds before they get published.


Keep everything as simple as possible, create a visual representation of a pure technical work.


Budget: ~10 days of work.


Only product designer and 1st person to ever work on the app.

The logo

Simple & effective concept.

The application takes one feed and redirect it into another place: it shows the right path to take. I decided to use a compass to convey that idea.


The application

The main user experience.



Widgets are the key to this
user experience.

Users can connect them to create simple or complicated mappings. Once connected, widgets allow content customization, visualization and moderation. The goal stays the same: they should visually represents what will happen, from the feeds to the end platform.


Users can drag & drop any type of feeds of modifiers to create mappings.


Each widget can be connected to another. Once connected, they display additional information and can be customized.


Everything under control

Visualize & moderate

Users can visualize and moderate all the feeds to keep control of what will get published.