Front appEmail redesigned for teams.

The challenge

Create a collaborative inbox
tool for companies.

Front takes out the pain of team inboxes and enables you to scale your customer support, your hiring, your sales and more. It's positioned as "Email redesigned for teams".


Should be easily used by several persons at the same time.


Design a logo without a name.


Product designer

Designing without a name

The logo & branding.

Since the name wasn't decided at the time I had to design the logo, I decided to focus on the visual concept and on one specific icon which will be used for the app. The main concept is inspired by orginami to convey envelopes, but to not do something commonly used, I wanted to explore a "reversed" origami, where negative space replaces paper folding.


With that concept in mind, I started to establish the branding.


Once I had the final name, I implemented this concept in the full text logo.


The application

The main user experience.

The application is a desktop software available on all platforms. It's meant to be used by teams at the same time: it's a collaborative tool.